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Application development is the process of designing a single computer program or a set of programs that accomplish different responsibilities corresponding to your business’s requirements. It offers higher scalability while improving your customer relationship.

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  • BI Consulting & Implementation
  • BI Service Delivery & Framework
  • Cloud BI Solutions
  • Data Science & AI

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Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics helps businesses with advanced and analytic techniques against large and diverse data sets. It includes structured unstructured and semi-structured data coming from different sources and of different sizes. Every industry including healthcare, hospitality, retail, and public service agencies requires big data and analytics to extract meaningful insights such as market trends, customer preferences, unknown correlations and, even hidden patterns.

CaryTek understands the criticality of every data in this world and the next generation. We focus on giving our expertise in the world of big data to understand the problems and provide unique solutions to our customers with advanced tools and frameworks.

BI & Data Warehousing

The data warehouse is the system to report and analyze data. Data warehousing is considered a core component of business intelligence, and it typically stores historical data by integrating the copies of transaction data from various sources. We help you in data warehousing with real-time data feeds and integrated information. It contains data from various operational sources, and it is built to support your company in its decision-making across many departments..

At CaryTek, we offer data warehouse to maintain strict accuracy and integrity of your data in batches, supporting it into the desired structure of the data warehouse. We offer a long-range view of data over time and enable multi-dimensional queries against historical data.

BI Consulting & Implementation

At CaryTek, we offer consulting and implementation services through advanced methodologies that deliver efficient results. We optimize the information collection analysis and delivery processes to achieve profitable growth through better decisions adhering on relevant, accurate and timely information.

Our certified consultants are well equipped with in-depth product knowledge and have years of business experience through successive BI implementations. Their business acumen creates a bridge between technology and real-world business needs. From data management analytics to reporting, we offer a complete solution to every company across various industries.

BI Service Delivery & Framework

CaryTek helps your organization to implement BI in various forms and also deliver BI across platforms that you need. We organize data into contextualized information to help your business making vital decisions and taking action. Our practitioners know that the available data is often technically challenging, which needs interpretation and information modelling skills for BI service delivery and framework.

We help in rapid change and remove the bottlenecks from your organization. Along with a constant and continuous change in organization, legislation, and business needs, we actively avoid and reduce complexity in every aspect of information design and delivery

Cloud BI Solutions

Cloud-based business intelligent solutions synthesize data to equip your organization with dashboards and other valuable analytics. With the help of real-time data and predictive insights, it helps your business to respond quickly to business issues and opportunities. CaryTek helps companies with cloud-based analytics and BI platforms who are looking to leverage data without any added hardware and infrastructure costs.

The most attractive part of our cloud BI solution is that it is an attractive option which requires minimal administrative and implementation cost. Cloud-based business intelligence solutions can gain real-time and actionable insights.

Data Science & AI

Data and AI analytics play key roles in transforming you needed business operations while creating new business models to fuel the process improvement. CaryTek data science and AI services enable every business to deliver value by empowering its users with more intuitive and agile processes. Our services help every organization to use data analytics for creating new business models and revenue streams. We also ensure security regulatory compliance of data and quality. Our solutions also help to enhance your decision-making and to get augmented intelligence and process automation.

  • Leverage data engineering innovation for knowledge graphs deep neural networks and semantic architecture
  • Taking advantage of world-class internal and external ecosystem
  • Research-based solutions
  • Delivering solutions at scale
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