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Get immediate benefits from your existing infrastructure by streamlining your operations and increasing agility.

We accelerate the deploy an entirely managed virtual environment in highly secure public and private clouds.


Application development is the process of designing a single computer program or a set of programs that accomplish different responsibilities corresponding to your business’s requirements. It offers higher scalability while improving your customer relationship.

  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Architecture and Design Services
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud Backup Solutions
  • Cloud Security and Threat Analytics
  • Cloud Managed Services

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Cloud Application Development

A cloud application accelerates the response time to your business needs and increases the agility and flexibility of your web application. Cloud-based applications run in a cloud environment and can easily interact with other web applications and APIs. While cloud applications can reduce your business operation cost by 20%, it enhances your business efficiency. And the competitive pricing and security that a cloud application can get you would never be possible with an equivalent on-premises installation.

  • Fast, smaller, and lightweight applications that provide the functionality of native applications
  • Higher Data security
  • Highly resilient infrastructure
  • Accessible from anywhere at anytime
  • Reduce time and cost
  • Quick deployment and updates

Cloud Architecture and Design Services

At CaryTek, we believe in providing bespoke cloud application designs and service that is custom made to fit your individual business needs. No matter either you need to craft an idea for a completely new project or want to evaluate the quality of an existing application and revamp it- we got you covered.

We adhere to new age architecture in the cloud to make your applications future-ready, as the cloud evolves. By assessing your existing cloud scenario, we also suggest the right application architecture and platform that suit your business needs.

Cloud Migration Services

Finding the right way to migrate your applications have several challenges. Thus, it is essential to get the migration right in one go. Otherwise, the company may need to repeat a complete and lengthy work cycle. We at CaryTek work closely with your IT team, and other managed service providers while migrating your application to the cloud. With a thoughtful migration method, we limit system downtime and ensure data integrity. We ensure that your business gets the best and optimal migration path that matches your unique business scenario and objectives.

  • Leveraging the right cloud migration to accelerate digital transformatio
  • Gaining competitive advantages for your business by seeking new ways of using AI, data, and other technologies
  • Modernize your technology platforms and enterprise business
  • Unlock innovation and move to the cloud with confidence

Cloud Backup Solutions

With our end-to-end encrypted online storage and backup solution, you can protect your data on the cloud. We at CaryTek can construct community-based and distributed multi-cloud and intercloud solutions to guard your application and data against disastrous system outages and data losses. The best part of our cloud backup solution is that you can organize your file during the time you upload them, and it only takes a few clicks to back up everything that is on your computer.

  • Smart storage and data sync
  • End-to-end encryption with no knowledge standard
  • Password-protected folder links
  • Unlimited folder activity with an activity log
  • Device management and central administration
  • Deleted file restore and unlimited file version control

Cloud Security and Threat Analytics

Being built of multiple layers of security, CaryTek proliferates the scopes of business by maintaining a high caliber of data regulation. In simple terms, we provide encrypted cloud-based data storage for every business, by using Amazon Web Service, Azure, or Office 365, we provide industry compliance and regulation development for various verticals and departments.

  • Highly secure data exchange, storage, and data upkeep
  • Multiple protection mechanisms deployment against internet threats
  • App layer, encryption, VPN, SSL, the network later and MPLs
  • Enterprise storage for resource isolation from thick provisioning and public network

Cloud Managed Services

It would help if you had deep domain expertise to manage implementation, provisioning, and workloads of the cloud. And the time and effort you expend in getting the mastery in cloud hinders your business velocity and distract you from your core values. CaryTek helps and supports complex enterprise applications and IT portfolio, based on your individual business needs of IT operations and innovation. We manage your cloud with support and maintenance so that you can focus on your business.

  • Streamlines management to simplify your IT environment
  • Manage and integrate across providers and platforms
  • Increasing resilience, compliance, and security
  • Leveraging AI and data
  • Data governance and document management
  • Increase time for innovation
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